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Apart from the CCCI’s own Databank and the European Union online databases with which the CCCI is connected, the Chamber is also connected with the World Chamber Network (WCN), the leading databank of Chambers all over the world that includes details of address of the Chambers in the various countries as well as interests for cooperation of enterprises from all parts of the world.

Furthermore, the CCCI operates Unit A of the European Business Support Centre of Cyprus that is the Cypriot member of the Enterprise Europe Network of the European Union. Unit A deals with the dissemination of information, feedback, business co-operation and internationalization of SMEs. In this capacity it is connected with the electronic system of the European Union for finding business partners, that is effectively a databank in which interests for co-operation business enquiries are entered on behalf of SMEs. The databank facilitates business co-operation through the (electronic) matching of corresponding interests.

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